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Real Estate Photo Editing: How to Maximize the Property’s Potential

In real estate, it is very important to seek professional advice, particularly when showing the value of property. Apart from the actual house arrangement and remodelling, and in order to further enter the buying market, we also rely on the images of the estate.

The pictures of the property play an essential role to attract potential buyers and eventually an actual purchase. In order to produce property purchase-worthy photos, here are some key notes to keep in mind:

Prep for the shoot

Have a walk-through of the property before the photo session. It is helpful if idea to assess the shoot and how to market the property is already there. The photos convey the idea that the property is attractive and the person seeing it wants to own it.

Importance of lighting and angles

Keep in mind that angles and lighting matter. Turn on all the lights on the property and let the natural light come in. Also, always have the tripods ready. As recommended, bring two for natural light exposure and the other for shadow exposure. Use 16-50 mm lens for wide angle images. This is to better capture the house, particularly when capturing the interiors.

Focus on the property

Make sure the attention is on the property. Before taking a shot, make sure that there is an allowance of two-seconds to get ready by taking the hand off the camera. It makes steady shots and think of the frames taking several photos with various lighting settings. Having more images can actually provide more materials to work with.

Several things that you may want to remember when editing your images are as simple as the following:

Image cleanup

Once you have selected the images that will be taken together, start cleaning the image. Remove irrelevant details by cropping or using certain programs such as spot healing and/or clone stamping.

Colour Adjustment

After the image is cleaned adjust the vibration and saturation of the colour. Refine the colours found on the inside or outside of the property. Select areas that can pop and capture the eye of the purchaser.

And the last thing is to sharpen the images. It is a little complicated because if the picture is too bright it can look unnatural and we wouldn't want that when we sell the property.

Blending the photos

For multiple photos of the same subject, but taken with different lighting settings, merging the photos through layers and adjustments in order to get the best lighting in the image. Blending different photos to create a single seamless image with stunning lighting can be tricky but manageable.

Photo Manipulation

This technique of photo manipulation is an art of altering or modifying an image using different methods or using a program of photo editing for specific purposes. Image engineering is usually performed to create successful images for positive purposes. However, do not overdo it as it may appear unnatural or unrealistic.

Real estate photo editing allows removal of defects and unwanted reflection, brighten colours, enhance contrast, etc. If you want a little or a lot of retouching, photo editing can make the difference between a good and a great picture and enough to convince prospective buyers to make the purchase.

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