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Post Ideas for Your Real Estate Photography Business Success

Once you feel the need to post more on your own social media page which is related to your real estate photography business, then, do it without hesitations. Since social media is one of the most effective platforms to stay in touch with your potential customers, you need to use it extensively. You are not fond of doing this one? Oh no, you are totally missing out the connection between you and your clients which is a bad indicator. Do you ever know that the more you showcase your skills through posting your works online, the more you will get the trust of your client? If you successfully made them believe in you, then there is a high possibility that they will come back to you or they may refer you to another person. What a great vision it is, right?

Of course, upon posting different real estate photography contents, you need to pick the best out of the best ideas that you will post in the social media. Do not post any content that might bore your clients. Instead, look for the one that will catch their eyes.

Below are some of the great post ideas for your real estate photography business.

1. Buying anniversary

One of the great factors which will catch your clients' interest is getting them involved in your post. How will you make it? It is just simple as this you will just need to remember the date when did your client purchase the home. Once it already reached one year, post it in the social media and greet them a happy anniversary. They will surely remember this day too, and they will feel glad once they knew that you, as a real estate professional, remember this special day. For you to attain the best result, take note of the following:

  • Take a photograph of your clients, right in front of the house that they have purchased.
  • Highlight the happiness and enjoyment that they were feeling right after they move to their new home.

2. Throw a special event for your clients

If you wanted to have a good image in the eye of your clients, you should invite them in a special event which is specially made for them. This will only show how thankful you are to them. Upon celebrating, do not forget to capture happy moments that are taking place in the party. As much as possible, follow the guidelines below:

  • Focus on the people.
  • Right after the party, tag the photos to the clients involved in the event.
  • Send an appreciation message to everyone who participated.
  • Make an appreciation post for the company who helped you to make the event possible.
  • Tell your clients to have a picture during the event and post it in your page.

3. Client Testimonial

You cannot just simply make an appreciation post for yourself and post it in the social media. How sure are you that the people will believe you? Instead of dragging yourself, let your past clients made it for you. How would it be possible? Just ask them about their comment in relation with the service you provided to them.

• Do not post the entire comment. Just highlight some of the lines that your client has given to you after you provide your service.

• Write your client's name together with his City.

• Tag your client.

• Post testimonials rarely.

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