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Edit Real Estate Photos to Maximize its Attractiveness

In real estate, it is very important to consult a professional’s advice especially when showcasing the property’s value. Aside from the actual house arrangement and re-modelling and to further reach the buying market, we also rely on the photos of the property. The pictures of the property play a vital role to attract potential buyers and eventually an actual purchase. This where real estate photo editing comes in.

In order to produce property purchase-worthy photos, here are some key notes to keep in mind.

Have a walk-through on the property before shooting. This will help you determine the idea for your shoot and how to sell it. The photos convey the idea that the property is attractive and the person seeing it would want to own it

Remember that angles and lighting matter. Turn on all the lights in the property and let the natural light come in as well. Also, always bring your tripod, suggestively bring two for natural lighting exposure and the other for shadow exposure. Use 16-50 mm lens for wide-angle shots. This is to better capture the property especially on the interiors.

Make sure that the focus is on the property. Before taking the shot, ensure you allow a two-second timer for your hand to get-off the camera. This makes steady shots and speaking of shots, take multiple shots with different lighting settings. More photos will give you more materials to work with. Once you have enough materials, you may begin producing the property these purchase-worthy photos.

Some things that you may want to consider when editing your photos are as basic as the following:

Once you have selected the photos that will go together, start cleaning up the image. Remove unnecessary details by cropping or you may use certain programs such as spot healing and/or clone stamping.

After cleaning the image, adjust white balance which is correlated with the color levels. This is different from exposure levels. If the overall tone of the photos is not that striking for you, adjusting the white balance will be helpful.

Once you have achieved the image that speaks for your idea of the property, you may adjust exposure and contrast which is how you wanted the certain aspects of the photo to lighten or darken to provide more emphasis on details. Having multiple photos with different light settings are useful in this one.

You may also want to adjust color vibrancy and saturation; you may refine the colors found on the interior or exterior of the property. Select areas that may pop and catch the buyer’s attention.

And last is to sharpen the images. This is a bit tricky since if the image is too sharp it may look unnatural and we would not want that when selling a property.

Furthermore, you may opt in using post-processing materials such as Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop (which are the Professional Photographer’s choices) wherein you may be able to speed up simple processes such as opening, editing and saving.

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