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Common Real Estate Misbelief You Should Know

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Getting aboard on the real estate industry is a new experience; some people are looking forward to. However, entering this world of “real estate” is not easy as you think it is. Many people have lots of misconceptions regarding real estate agents. While some are aiming to make a living out of it, there are also some people who saw this profession only as a nuisance. We all have different perspectives, but just like any other professions out there; it also has its own expectations and consequences.

Due to the fact that a lot of false perceptions have been happening under our noses, real estate industry became more like a nightmare. But, if you would like to join the real estate negotiations soon and are just scared because of something that someone you knew has told you then allow us to enlighten you regarding the myths encircling the world of real estate industry.


1. A wage is paid to real estate agents.


One of the people’s biggest misconceptions is that real estate agents receive heavy salaries to show the property to prospective clients, go on business trips and organize sumptuous broker events. This is definitely just a wrong perception. The agent’s time, money, and energy is 100% coming from him or her. It simply means they don’t make money if they don’t find or sell homes for people.


2. Real estate agents easily earn money.


Another misconception is that many people thought that real estate is the right business to make easy money. This career is not as easy as strolling in the park. Actually, there is nothing simple about it as it sounds. It is highly challenging and takes as much time and effort, if not more, than any other occupation. Add to this the additional costs sustained in the form of promotional activities, displaying the conspiracies around and a lot more.


3. It is a tormenting system


Yes, deals on real estate could be a difficult task to handle.

That does not assume, however, that all offers could be an extreme headache. Most of the negotiations can be simple and straightforward, but it is not guaranteed that you will be safe from terrible experiences. This differs between deals.


4. Agents say practically anything to close down the deal.


Well, yes, we are living in a terrible place and some people will literally do anything just to earn money. However, it is not acceptable to place everyone in the same shade. There is a high possibility that agents would lie to you, but not every agent engages in such wrongdoings. There are still people you can trust and will fulfill their promise to give you the best deal. Just be careful when choosing the correct agent.


5. Until sale, a house does not have to be ready.


It is definitely a myth that if you are selling a house, it is now the purchaser’s liability or obligation and no maintenance is necessary. Not only will a well-maintained house get you a fast offer, but a better cost as well. Many potential buyers tend to wait eagerly to buy homes that are ready to move in and if your garage doors are collapsing or your taps remain leaky then you might lose those potential buyers you have.

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