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Photography had never been that important in selling the real estate than today. The marketplace is heating up again and is demanding for the real estate makes demand for photography. It is the best news for photographers, however, just like any other businesses, there are plenty of competitions.

If you are just new to the real estate and the architectural photography, then, here are the general strategies to let you begin you on the perfect path:

Approaching the Property – this is the first image that the possible buyer normally sees when reviewing the properties online is the exterior photo.

Camera Equipment – the camera, lens, and the tripod, are everything that is needed to get started, however, you can rapidly learn that lots of competitors are very expert in using supplemental lightings and the Photoshop techniques.

Camera Vertical Edges and Height – there has been a broad agreement among the photographers and the clients, that if there will be any rule to implement, then, it must be stated before the contract signing: verticals should be correct! In lots of interiors there are corners and edges of walls, windows and door frames that has the vertical side and the edges needs to be really vertical.

Exterior Lighting – the light hitting the front line of the house home is ideal being seen after sunrise. While during winter, some houses facing south did never have a sun hitting in the Frontline of their houses. If you want to avoid shooting under the sun, then photo shoots from the similar end of the home as the sun.

Getting Good Exposure – during the overcast day, an interior exposure seemed to be good and also the window exposure. The flash will be bounced off the ceiling. To be sure that you will have all that exposures for the best image, determine the ‘base exposure’, the picture that had most of the information cored in the histogram. It can be bracketed widely within +/- of one stop increment of the different exposures so that there can be array just in case you will need them.

Interior Lighting – just the same with the finely lit portrait, the interiors will greatly benefit from the nicely styled lighting. The HDR will handle the scene contrast, but this will not make the highlights and the shadows in the areas that there are no directional light. When there is a dark or a black cabinet alongside the dark wall, just add supplemental light may bring out the needed detail.

Interior Photography – the houses come in all sizes, styles, shapes, and conditions. It is always nice to tell your real estate clients that you are not in the business of house cleaning, so send them the task list with your suggestions on prepping their house prior to the photography session.

The dark/dusk technique – this dark or dusk technique is usually requested by the clients since it helps to sell the properties.

The master bathroom – it is usually the initial test shot that will be taken and then flow with go through the entire house.

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